Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin – Launch Report

The new Honda Africa Twin is the most anticipated and discussed bike of 2016. Carl Kritzinger attended the international launch in the Western Cape and filed this report. In 1986, the year of its birth, the Honda NXR750 “Africa Twin” won the Paris-Dakar rally raid. It was conceived with the sole purpose of winning this […]

Harley-Davidson Street 750: Road Test

Harley-Davidson has given birth to a new bike, their first since 2001. While classic Harleys appeal to highway warriors, the new Street 750 (and 500), an “urban cruiser”, is a lot less Steppenwolf and a lot more Run-D.M.C. Going downtown: The Street 750 was made for the city So what is it? It’s the answer to the prayers of […]

Harley-Davidson Road King Classic – Road Test

Euphoria is cruising down the highway on a motorcycle and few bikes provide a more regal experience than the Harley-Davidson Road King Classic. 103 cubic inches make for a lot of grunt So what is it? And who rides it? After a most trying week at work, the need to escape from the city was […]

Kawasaki Ninja 300 – Road Test

The baby brother of Pirelli’s 2015 SA bike of the year, the infamous H2, has quite a name to live up to. While it does not have the legs of the ZX-6, the Ninja 300 has the heart of a lion. The littler Kawasaki is extremely nimble on the track and in traffic So what […]

Kawasaki ZX-14R – Road Test

When it comes to top speed and acceleration, the ZX-14R is a brutal machine. But it also has a gentle, practical side, as our reviewers discovered. Tester 1: Eugene Herbert – Boardroom assessment and fair-weather rider While it is true that many riders enjoy Harley-Davidson and related cruisers, they have never been the benchmark of […]

Indian Chieftain – Road Test

There’s a new Chieftain who wants to rule the cruiser clan. With a 1810 cc v-twin motor, you know he’s packing power! So what is it? The 2015 Indian Chieftain is a 1 810cc air-cooled, v-twin bagger aka a long-distance cruiser with saddle bags. The iconic Indian Motorcycles brand has recently been revived by Polaris […]

BMW R nineT – Road Test

BMW got a big boost in street cred with the release of the R nineT. This very customisable café racer had hipster heads turning in Cape Town when Bikeroutes took it for a test ride. So what is it? It’s a minimalist café racer for those who like (retro) customising, but don’t identify with the cruiser […]

Has the superbike met its match?

As most motorcycle riders know, bikes will beat cars on pull-away. But what happens if you bring a really big gun to a quarter-mile duel – a supercar that’s probably the second fastest production car money can buy here in South Africa: the McLaren 650S Spider. Why “second fastest”? Because its Coupé brother is 4 […]

Harley-Davidson show real steel by raising R100 000

Harley-Davidson separated the stubble from the fluff with their first Snors for a Cause campaign. A total of R100 000 was handed over to More Balls Than Most, a testicular and prostate cancer awareness organisation, raised at a national motorcade held at Harley-Davidson dealers across the country. Sales of a limited edition buff kept the […]

SYM Crox – Road Test

It’s probably not since the 1980s Yamaha Passola, ridden by the hottest girl in school, that we thought of budget scooters as cool. Until now.   Is it just another scooter? A scooter is a scooter is a scooter right? Well, for the most part, yes. The scooter market is immense and most scooters are […]

Zero DS ZF 11.4

Electrically powered bicycles and scooters are old news in South Africa. Proper electrical motorbikes are a novelty though. The first bunch to arrive here come all the way from sexy California. They’re called Zero Motorcycles and like Apple, Tesla Motors, Google and Disney, also from the Golden State, they could become a household name. We rode […]

Pretoria, Swaziland round trip – 3 days

1. Total distance of route and date of ride? 990 kilometres Click here to open in Google maps. 2.How long did it take to complete? Were you going fast or travelling leisurely? Three days. Leisurely 3. Why are you recommending this route? What’s special about it? The route goes through Swaziland, which is so close to […]