November’s best route submitted

Congratulations to Christo Lombard for winning November’s Route of the Month award.

Christo and his girlfriend, Claire, travelled 900km in the Klein Karoo over four days. They rode wonderful back roads, had a picnic on the front mudguard of their BMW 1150 GS Adventure and took the time to take in beautiful scenery. It’s how a trip should be made.

Furthermore Christo and Claire made it absolutely clear that they would love some special Klipdrift treatment as they made a stop at the distillery in Robertson. So it’s a pleasure to announce that they will receive both the bottle of iconic Klipdrift Legend and a bottle of Klipdrift Premium.

Christo, we know you’ll enjoy this. But remember, no drinking and riding. And keep it away from family and friends under 18.

Have a look at Christo and Claire’s trip here.

Every month’s best route submitted wins a prize. We publish most routes we reveive. Click here  to go to the route submission page.

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