Off road star, Kurt Caselli, has fatal crash at the Baja 1000

Off-road racing champion, Kurt Caselli (30), has died after crashing his bike in the Mexican desert as he raced to the finish line in the Baja 1000.


The KTM racer was in second place on Friday when he probably hit a small animal and lost control of the bike. According to KTM, when his crew recovered the bike they found the remains of an animal, leading to speculation that Caselli may have hit an animal.

He raced his first Dakar this year in January when Marc Coma had to withdraw due to a shoulder injury. After taking part in the Dakar Rally, Caselli was offered a three-year contract to race in the World Rally Championship and Baja. He would have raced with Coma in the 2014 Dakar Rally.

Here’s a video showing his great off road skill.

Kurt-Caselli-KTM-Dakar-Rally-USA Kurt-Caselli-KTM-2013-Dakar-Rally-03 _Kurt_Caselli_KTM_2013_Dakar_Rally_z

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