SA girl will be roosting in Europe

SA’s leading Enduro and Off Road female rider Toni Jardine is set to represent South Africa at the Women’s World Enduro Cup. The first two rounds will be taking place in Spain and Portugal from the 10-12th May and the 17-19th May 2013 respectively.

Toni, who went over last year and competed in these two events says it was an eye opener and she has used the experience to gain valuable insight and experience and is now ready to go back and give it her all.

Toni has been training hard which is evident in her current standings where she currently leads the ladies in both National Enduro and the National Off Road events. At the last national Toni showed her true metal by finishing 43rd overall in the National Off Road held in Balmoral, Gauteng, proving she has what it takes to perform at the top.

Toni is supported by Motorsport South Africa (MSA)  and the Federation Internationale De Motocyclisme (FIM).

For live up to the minute results download the apple app, endurolive. Or you can follow Toni’s facebook page ToniE76 or follow her on Twitter @ToniE76.

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