West Coast, Northern Cape and Cederberg – 2 days (adventure bikes)

1. Total distance of route and date of ride?

+/- 900 km. 2014

2. How long did it take to complete? Were you going fast or travelling leisurely?

One-and-a half days. On the first day we rode about 300 km and 600 km the second day. On tar our speed was 110 to 140 km/h and on gravel up to 90 km/h. We mostly took it easy on the gravel.

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3. Why are you recommending this route? What’s special about it?

The beautiful West Coast, mountains, a waterfall, canyons and gravel and tar mountain passes. And a nice but rugged overnight spot by the sea (no toilets or water, just bush).

4. Please tell us how the route runs.

Cape Town > Dwarskersbos > Elands Bay > Lamberts Bay > Strandfontein > Vanrhynsdorp > Nieuwoudtville > Wupperthal > Ceres > Malmesbury > Cape Town.

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5. What kind of motorcycle is the route suitable for?

Adventure bike. About 65% of the route is on tar, the rest are gravel roads in good condition. Between Wupperthal and Ceres there is a 4×4 route that is steep, rocky and quite challenging.

We travelled on a BMW G650 X-Country (intermediate tyres) and a Honda VFR 1200 DCT Crosstourer (road tyres).

6. Please name significant points of interest along the way.

1. The overnight spot (-31.844627, 18.253317). This is just a random spot next to the ocean. It’s peaceful and quiet and the perfect place to pitch a tent and light a campfire. It’s sheltered and private.

2. Nieuwoudtville Falls (-31.318990, 19.119097). It’s a waterfall about 5 km from Nieuwoudtville

3. Papkuilsfontein Waterfall (-31.551548, 19.124794). When you turn towards this destination, stop at the farmhouse and ask for directions to the waterfall.

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7. Any petrol stations along the way? Do you know of any motorcycle repair shops along the route or in the area?

There are petrol stations all along the way in all the towns. Protea Motors in Nieuwoudtville will fix your bike. The owner is a bike expert and collector.

8. Are there any dangers along the route?

Just after Wupperthal is a 4×4 route. It’s steep with loose rocks and sandy sections at the top.

9. What did the trip cost in fuel, meals and accommodation?

Accommodation was free, since it was in the open, right next to the ocean. Fuel was about R500. R150 for food – we kept it very simple.

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10. Did you use any special gear?


11. Any must-do activities on the route?

Fill up with fuel at Protea Motors in Nieuwoudtville, the owner has a collection of +/- 70 bikes. Old to very old models. All the bikes are on show during the flower season in August and September. Also, go look at the waterfalls in the area.

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13. Do you have any other comments or advice about the route?

Leave at no later than 08:00 on the second day. We only reached Cape Town at 19:00 that evening.

14. Are there any doctors or hospitals in the area that you know of?

There are doctors in most of the towns.

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Ride report and photos by Desmond Louw

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